Creation, 1979
Color Viscosity Etching
My artistic journey began in the early seventies when I was introduced to printmaking and worked in various printmaking studios in New York City. There I was mentored by a host of artists in New York City. By 1981 I had relocated to Washington DC, to work and grow professionally.

During the 70's and early 80's my concern was discovering a means By which to create an art vocabulary and grammar that included vibrant colors, cryptic marks, shapes and symbols that referenced mathematics, anthropomorphic forms and personal experiences and references to my growing up in a household where "The numbers" were played. I was on a journey to create work in the printmaking medium that became vehicles by which the viewer could journey through contemplative space.

Look for a Star, 1983
Color Viscosity Etching
While in the mid- eighty's I continued to make prints, my focus turned to painting, mixed media and drawing. Most important to me of course, was the development of my artistic voice as a painter and printmaker. It has always been through abstraction that I have sought to express my feelings. The use of intuition, textures, vivid colors, mark making and a process-orientated approach aided me in digging deeply into my heart to express myself.

Intuition aided by the use of stream consciousness fed the palette of my work from 1985 through the early nineties. During this time I was using oil paint stick on paper to create intuitive large-scale color, charcoal, graphite and gouache mixed media drawings. Intuition was to be the means by which the viewer could find his or her way around my work. During this period I processed my work by constructing, deconstructing, and reconstructing it. That meant tearing, pasting, coloring, the scrambling and unscrambling of ideas and processes. It was what I imagined that scientists do as they process combinations of DNA particles in search of a mapping mechanism for the human gene "scape." In my case, I was in search of a means of creating a truly emotional work!

Number Genome, 2000
Mixed Media Acrylic Painting on Canvas
In my recent body of work, I continue to be process-oriented. The works thematically have become more non-objective yet remain cryptically symbolic - even emotional. Thematically, I use abstract geometry as a means of connecting the viewers with simplicity and therefore to the spiritual in art. The vocabulary of my work continues to include textures, mark making, mixed media and referential symbols, but includes the introduction of a new palette. It allows me to apply many layers of vibrant, transparent color to the geometric and mathematically inspired content and canvases -- a layering that is symbolic of the multi-faceted nature of human existence.

Artist Statement

The Two Lovers, 2000
Pastel on Paper

Art is the fuel that carries me on an adventure to discover the mysteries of the universal and the individual self. Because art is both seen and felt it has the power to engage the body, mind and spirit. Guided by the universal intuition and random chance, the grammar, emotion and passion of my art becomes knowable and meaningful, and informs me and I hope others about ourselves and our world."

"Art is my vessel. It is filled or emptied by the flow and ebb of energies brought forth by the theater of my life. As in life, art too is a journey on which I travel. Like a seed, I am blown by a swirling wind into fertile soil in which the seeds of my intuitive self can bloom. Intuition is, after all is said and done, the means to the end of creative expression."