What a tatally great adventure! This was my first trip to Africa - aka "da Motherland"! what a dream come true. And what made it so impoortant was that I'd been invited by the Kuana Trust, an arts NGO, and the American Embassy in Niarobi to join 20 woman artists from East Africa for a 6 week residency in Kenya.

In this the first of 5 quick time movies you'll see and hear the works and thoughts:
1.Beatrice Njoroge , of Kenya is the subject of this first movie. Beatrice loved art making and was guided and inspired by incorporating new techniques and ideas into her works.
2.Eunice Wadu is the subject of 2nd movie.
3. Artists working at the Printmaking Workshop the Kuona Trust workshop/studios in Nairobi.
4. Tabitha Wathuku is the subject of the 3rd movie.

5. The presentation to the American Ambassador of my art work for the embassy's permanent collection.
6.Annabell was the first artist I met the day I arrived at the Elsamere Study Center on Lake Naivasha. She was the one artists who made her own colors form the soil literally beneath her feet! It was inspiring and bfun to work with her.
7. Nalani Treebhoobun from Mauritiaus is a painter who expresses interested in capturing the natural world its, colors, textures and life.

I loved being in Kenya, seeing all the sites of the people, the culture and nature up close was thrilling. When I think of it, I still get emotionally chargeed when reviewing these clips.

PS: Please forgive any shaky quaky camera moves i'm a newbie at taking movies. So, the movies are quick shorts. I mostlly want you the viewer to hear from the artists in their own words. These are just 5 of the 20 video clips I made. Stay tuned I'll upload more soon.

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